Train anywhere, anytime using Eleviia and reach your true fitness potential!

Do you miss working out when you're traveling or super busy? Want a small, strong tool that's safe and works like gym gear? Meet Eleviia, our new tool to help you work out anywhere. It's like having a mini gym you can take anywhere with you!

❌ No More Skipping Your Workout.

Life can be busy, making it hard to stay fit, especially when traveling or working. Many workout tools are big and heavy, making it tough to keep exercising and being consistent. But don't give up! Let me show you something...

The Idea Behind Eleviia Is Super Simple.

"How can we easily do pull-ups everywhere?" This question made us create a special pull-up bar, showing our love for fitness and new ideas.


✅ Train Anywhere!

Eleviia helps you work out easily! It's strong, lasts long, easy to use and set up on most doorframes but the best thing is - you can take it anywhere with you!

✅ Aerospace Composite

Eleviia is made from strong aerospace composite materials. It's lightweight and easy to carry. Our bars are made to last and can hold up to 113 kg (249 lbs).

At First Our Dream WAS NOT PERFECT...

We wanted better than what market offered us, so we tried many times to make the best portable pull-up bar. We made mistakes and got a lot of set backs but still kept trying. With help and feedback from our team, we made Eleviia. Now, many people worldwide love it. That's how the tool that's easy to carry, safe, and works well was born.

Meet Eleviia!

Your ultimate fitness companion. Light, strong, and smartly made, this pull-up bar is perfect for exercise at home or when traveling.


$129.00 USD $99.00 USD Sale


Our customers love how Eleviia works in many ways. One of the happy customers said, "These are strong and will last a long time if used right."

💪 Eleviia Fatigue Tester.

Eleviia costs as much as a few months at the gym but lasts for years. It's strong and helps you get fit. We tested it a lot - Eleviia was tested rigorously over 15,000 repetitions under full load and it still works great! We promise you'll like it, or we'll give your money back. We want you either to be happy or overjoyed!

💰30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

At FitFrHome, we want you to buy without worries. That's why we sell Duonamic's items with 30-day guarantee. If you don't love what you buy, you can send it back in 30 days and you'll get your money back, no questions asked. If you want to return your product, reach out to Duonamic. We put all our trust into Eleviia, and we believe you'll love it too!


Our customers say, "Duonamic doesn't leave marks on the doorframe," "This is a great solution," and "F the door jamb bars and over the door bars, these are the way to go... insane it took this long to find these."